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About US

Our goal at Riviera Registry is to connect buyers and sellers from the French Riviera seeking to purchase or sell high end items (real estate, cars, watches and more). We provide all the advantages of using a third party broker but without the commission costs traditionally associated with these services.

Who are we ?

Riviera Registry is a social platform focused on creating a high-end marketplace specifically concentrated on the French Riviera. Our aim is to provide a no commission, affordable service to individuals wishing to sell their items without the interference of any third party broker.

What do we do ?

We provide the ideal platform for all types of listings connecting buyers and sellers.
Categories include :

Real Estate - for Sale
Real Estate - Lettings
Other (Jewellery, Dresses...)

Additionally, we provide an exclusive professional Picture Service , where our team captures photographs of your future listings, generating more rectitude.

Why choose us ?

Every listing needs confirmation before published on the platform, developing certainty among users. Moreover, we do not charge any commission on listings; keeping the money earned through sales in your pockets. At last, we are an innovative team keen on implementing new services for remarkable users. You can freely reach us regarding your projects in which we would be delighted to support you.


Cars - For Sale


Real Estate - For Sale


Real Estate - Lettings


Watches - For Sale